I’ve officially survived my first week of SAT classes at SMA! It’s been busy and tough, but I really hope it’s worth it. I’ve been having regrets in thinking that I should’ve saved the moneyfor the Florida trip, but it’s too late anyway, so I can’t do anything about it. :/ Gah, I hope I made the right decision thoughWe have to memorize 100 words per week, and we’ve been learning a lot of grammar rules and techniques on how to write essays. It’s so alskdfjlakjsdf. I hate SAT’s. >:[

I got a haircut today! My last haircut was April of 2007. Haha, so yeah it was pretty long. And I had a bunch of split-ends and stuff. 😦 But my sisters said they can hardly tell I got a haircut. -_- Oh well, I like it! Those Korean hair-cutters. ❤

Weeeeeeeee, weekend! I’m so relieved.

Hang out with me. You know you wanna! 😀