Featured Question (from 2 days ago): What are a few of your favorite things?

– Frozen Yogurt.
– Romantic comedies.
– Camping.
– Church buddies!
– Old Town Pasedena.
– Late night adventures.
– Ice skating.
– Taking pictures.
– Reminiscing.
– 11:11 wishes.
– Family time!
– Going to the beach.
– Hiking.
– The mountains.
– Road trips.
– Cucumbers.
– Shopping.
– Hanging out with friends.
– Watching movies.
– Climbing up trees.
– Sitting on the grass at night.
– My chapstick.
– Listening to music.
– Youtube.
– Reba/What I Like About You.
– Laughing till I cry
– Smiling so hard that I get wrinkles.
– Dressing up (not like an Amish person …)
– Chipotle.
– Playing piano.
– Shaved ice.
– Going on walks.
– Dogs.
– Bumper stickers.
– Xanga! ❤
– Finding the best sales.
– The feeling of warm clothes fresh from the dryer.
– Playing on swings or a seesaw.
– Animal game and bunny game.
– The good ol’ days.
– Mixed Fruit Tapioca from Phoenix.
– Winter, ’cause I love to bundle up.
– Christmas.
– Writing in diaries.
– Scrapbooking.
– Old photographs.
– New York.
– The air right after it rains.
– Watching the sunset.
– Just being myself.
– Feeling comfortable with people.
– Babies = SUPER CUTE!
– Meeting super friendly people and feeling really welcome.
– The feeling that nothing could possible go wrong.
– Hot chocolate on a rainy day.
– Forever 21.
– Inside jokes.
– Feeling bubbly or giddy.
– Chocolate.
– When somebody compliments me. It feels really goooood.
– British accents.
– Guys who can sing AND play guitar.
– Postsecret messages.
– Jamba Juice.
– Disneyland.
– My bed.
– Korean dramas.
– Catching up with old friends.
– Going to open houses and looking at ginormous mansions I can’t buy. 😦
– Mint chocolate ice cream.
– Going to the mountains overlooking the city and looking at the lights.
– Snow.
– Apple juice.
– Performing field shows for marching band.
– Family reunions.
– My rainbows. ❤
– Target.
– Being goofy with Bethanie. 😀
– A really good pen.
– Waking up at 7 in the morning, realizing it’s a Saturday, then falling back asleep.
– Inside jokes.

Okay, I guess that was a little more than a few.


Here are some pictures I took these past couple of weeks with my NEW camera + Rachel’s!

Tell me what you guys think! 😀


10 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    celeste, your pictures are soooo nice! :Di really like the 6th,7th, and last one 🙂 but of course all of them are so professional looking!

  2. aww celeste my little photographer ❤ hehehe. it’s really pretty. and i’m just not saying it. it realllyyy is <33 lol beth and Rachel are ur models 😀 u can photograph me sumday (: whoo i know you wanna :DDD aww it’s so pretty. sigghhh i can’t stop looking at it. lol! i wanna see ur new camera :DD btw if you don’t know already we set the date for teh beach thing on aug. 3 😀

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