Survey time. 😀

1. I know it’s hard, but think of one of your favorites memory of 2008?:
2. Did you do any community service this year? What was it?: I fed some homeless people in a park.
3. Are you planning on making a New Year’s resolution? What will it be?: I’ll put that in another entry. 😀
4. How many people have you kissed this year? Who were they?: Hmmmm.
5. Did you have any significant others this year? Who?: Yep.
6. Was 2008 a good year of love for you? Why or why not?: Nope.
7. Did you go to any concerts? Which ones?: I don’t think so?
8. What was your biggest accomplishment?: I finally went to Six Flags and faced my fear!
9. Did you stay awake two nights in a row? Naw.
10. What was something you really hoped you didn’t do that you did?:
11. Did you do any hardcore drugs? Which ones?: DON’T DO DRUGS, KIDSS.
12. Are you gonna partyyy New Year’s Eve? Where?: Mmm, not party exactly. But partay like celebrate, yes! 😀
13. Will you drink on New Year’s?: I don’t drink!
14. Did you see a torando/hurricane this year?: Na uhh.
15. Did you travel out of state? Where to?: No. -_-x I don’t travel much.
16. Have you been in a car accident this year?: I don’t remember. I don’t think so.
17. Did you try something new this year? What was it?: Yup, lots of things. =)
18. Are you hoping to try something new in 2009? What will that be? Who knows! We’ll see. 😀
19. Did you have a yard sale this year? How successful was that?: Nopee!
20. Did you go to any amuesment parks? Which ones?: Six Flags for the first time. 😀 But I had a horrible time LOL.
21. Are you a nervous/anxious about 2009 coming? Anxious, yet excited for what’s to come.
22. Was there a life changing experience that happened to you this year? What was it?: In a way. Although it wasn’t the best experience I’ve gone through. But I’ve grown a lot.
23. Did you get a new piercing?: Nah.
24. Have you gotten in a physical fight with someone?: Nope.
25. What about verbal?: Of course.
26. Who hurt you the most this year?: The person I least expected.
27. Who made you the happiest?: Mmm.
28. Did your significant other do any ‘cute’ things for you? Give an example:
29. Did you try a new weird food this year? Did you like it?: COW’S TONGUE. IT WAS YUMMY! ^__^
30. Have you found a new hidden talent? What is it?: Nope. I have no talent. 😦
31. Did you go streaking/skinny dipping this year?: HECK NO.
32. How did you do in school? (Before summer came): Horribly.
33. Did you fell in/out of love in 2008?: Sure.
34. How many new friends do you think you’ve made?: Quite a few.
35. Have you lost any friends? Why?: Sadly, yeah.
36. Did you throw a huge banger this year?: What’s a banger? …
37. Have you changed a lot from the beggining of 2008 to the end? How so?: I’ve grown a lot and I’m not as naive as I used to be.
38. What would you like to change about yourself when 2009 comes?: My attitude. Not to let myself be consumed by others. To let myself see the bigger picture and not be so superficial. And to be a better witness to others and trust God more.
39. What was your favorite holiday this year?: Sort of Christmas? It was bittersweet. Maybe Thanksgiving.
40. Did you get caught in a big lie this year?: Nope.
41. Did you drastically change your style?: I don’t think so?
42. Are you graduating in 2009?: No, I still got one more year. =/
43. What was your least favorite month in 2008? Why?: September through December. Depression. x__x
44. Were you depressed at all this year? Why?: Yeah, it got pretty bad. But it was over stupid reasons.
45. Are you happy/excited to start the new year?!: Yesss, I’m ready to start over. =)