Happy New Year!

I spent time writing down my New Year’s Resolutions today on a piece of paper. I’m gonna hang it on my wall as a reminder for the rest of the year.

1. Be active and exercise more.
2. Grow as a Christian and spent time with God, learning to love Him.
3. Be a better friend.
4. Make amends with people.
5. Take the initiative.
6. Don’t allow myself to be easily influence by others.
7. Help out around the house more.
8. Love others despite how they may treat me or what they may think of me.
9. Be patient.
10. Work harder in school.
11. Get a job.
12. Finish the Harry Potters series (I’m still on book 5!)
13. Get my license (I’ve had my Driver’s Ed pink slip since February of last year. -_-x)
14. Be brave and learn to face my fears.

I’m ready for a fresh start. =)