Be spontaneous. Because it’s fun. 😀

These past couple days have been such a blast. I really need more days like these! I’ve been taking pictures with the camera that my Digital Imaging class lent me. I LOVE THAT CLASS! <3<3<3 I've been wanting a camera for the longest time since I don't have one right now, and they lent me one! So I've been running around taking pictures and whatnot. LOVE IT.

Today Bethanie and I were bored at about 10:15 and decided to just go down our street with our scooter. As stupid as it sounds, it was really fun! It felt very freeing and it was nice and quiet since our street is pretty empty and a whole mess of old people live on it. It felt like those scenes you see in the movies were the kids stay out late and pretty much everybody goes outside. But our society has changed so much and everybody just stays indoors on their computers all day playing video games. I wish our neighborhood was like the kind where the kids go outside to play until it’s literally dark instead of locking themselves inside the house all day. It really saddens me. 😦

Anyway, I’ll do a picture blog soon! Latersssss.