I really liked my photoshoot today. The picture above is Bethanie! I got some pretty good shots. Yay! ❤ For more, go to my flickr here.

I found this on asheswillfly’s tumblr.

I just thought of something.
I think most of us on flickr can relate when we say that our neighbors think we’re absolutely mad when they see us out walking around with a camera, and our parents give us bewildered looks when they see us dressed up in whatever crazy outfit we come up with for a photoshoot.

It seems society just can’t accept what we will do for our art.

And no matter how many times you try to explain WHY you have on face paint or why you’re wearing that ridiculous hat, they just aren’t able to fathom what the hell the point in it is.

Well what if all of us lived in the same neighborhood, y’know? There would be photoshoots going on in the road, in front of people’s houses. There would be models and photographers on the roofs, in pools, in trees. Hell, it’d be one big party come around sunset, everyone fighting for that spot where the light hits just right and everything looks magical.

Instead, we just get those puzzled looks from parents and those “stay away from my child you weirdo” looks from neighbors.

But I think of it as kind of a good thing. Because I can smile to myself, knowing there is a point to it all, knowing there is a reason for the madness, and they’re just too blind to see it, while my eyes are wide open and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

This blog cannot possibly be more relatable to me.

I like being different from everyone else. I like having something that differentiates me from the typical crowd, something that makes me stand out. Photography is really the only thing where I can completely be myself and let go, and I can just smile and know that in spite of all the embarrassing moments and strange stares from random people, I do it all for a purpose, and that purpose is totally worth it in the end.


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  1. you mean embarrassing for the models of course! dang i’ve put up so much for you, from lampshades on my head to lying in the middle of the street you owe me big time! hehe but i guess it’s sorta fun. =)

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