So, I got my AP scores back today.

I was really excited getting the mail. I ran to the mailbox, grabbed the letter that read “Collegeboard AP” on the top left hand corner that was addressed to me, ran back inside, and tore open the envelope. I slowly pulled the piece of paper out.

And then I saw the scores. My face dropped.

I am so disappointed with myself. I expected to do at least somewhat well … and I failed. I really failed. I feel so stupid right now. I’m not even exaggerating at how bad my scores were. They’re absolutely horrible … I know everyone says that life’s not all about grades and you’ll still get into college, blah blah blah, but I really do feel dumb. Ughhh, I hate myself. I seriously do.

I threw the letter into my desk along with my horrible report card from last semester. I don’t plan on taking it out for a long time.