School’s ending tomorrow, and I’m graduating on Friday. It’s still so surreal to me. I was walking around the school today and I realized that it would be one of the last times I’d ever walk those hallways. During first period, Mr. Pasqua was giving hugs to his students and when he gave me a hug, it made me realize that yes, I’m really leaving. Yes, this is my last year in Arcadia High School. Yes, I may never see some of my peers ever again.

It’s really a bittersweet feeling for me. At first I was pretty excited to leave high school with thoughts of summer and college in mind, thinking of the people I’d meet and the numerous opportunities that would be ahead of me. Now, as I look back at everything I’ve gone through for the past 18 years and realize that I’m really leaving Arcadia, my hometown, my comfort zone, my entire life, it’s really a sad moment.

I’m really leaving high school.