So it’s been a little over a month since I started college. It honestly feels like I’ve been here for a year … and yet I feel like I’m not the person I was just a month and a half ago. I already feel myself growing and changing.

Coming into UC Riverside, I have to admit I was extremely apathetic, scared, and almost bitter about coming here. I came onto campus with the mentality that there wasn’t anything to do in Riverside and that people viewed this college as the “reject” school. I let that mindset consume my thoughts, allowed myself to judge what it would be like here without even have encountered it myself. I let what other people thought of this place influence how I felt about it.

I’ve slowly come to realize how blind I was. As I’ve learned more about the various resources here on campus and come to encounter amazing professors and programs and just see the countless opportunities there are here where I can grow and learn, I’ve come to really love UC Riverside. Yes, I do still have a ways to go, but I’ve realized how blessed I am to be here. We have amazing departments with highly qualified professors who actually care about the students.

College has made me so excited to start from scratch and go for things I never would’ve done before. I want to explore, grow, join clubs, become a research assistant, take a dance class, learn guitar, go to the gym every day, become a part of ASPB, learn how to use Photoshop, take a photography class, get A’s and B’s, become more involved. I’m so excited for the person I’m going to become. I feel so pumped up and motivated!

And as much as I despise the bipolar weather, I’m slowly starting to notice the small, beautiful parts of campus that go unnoticed. There’s that one hill right by the Arts building. It’s a large, vast grassy hill that rises steeply and then turns into an enormous platform. It’s an isolated part of campus, and nobody really goes there, making it the perfect place to just sit and relax. And then there’s the Botanical Gardens. It’s like a whole other world in there. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is.

Random memories/thoughts so far about college:
– I love my roommates. I really really do. I feel so blessed to have them! Plus our twinkle lights are really bomb.
– I’m becoming more and more comfortable showing people my photography. I used to be really embarrassed, but now I’m slowly starting to really appreciate my work. Photography is an important part of me, and it’s my form of expression. I should be able to show people that part of my identity.
– I’m so excited to find a church/fellowship here. I can’t wait to grow and have brothers and sisters to encourage me and for God to grow me. I’ve been in a spiritual ditch for quite some time.
– I really want to discover God’s purpose for me here at UC Riverside. I feel like that’s been on my heart for quite some time, and I’m eager to find out what God has in store for me for the next four years here.
– I had a spontaneous hike with a couple of friends at 12:30am to the C, which took 30 minutes to get up there, just to view the city lights. So worth it. Took an hour and a half round trip.
– The nutella pizza here is amazing. It is so dang heavenly!
– I’m starting to learn guitar. It’s so exciting to have found so many guitarists here! And my callouses are growing in. =)
– I love how much more open everyone is in college. In high school, it was just all about focusing on school and getting to your dream college, with all the drama in between, and everyone already has their judgements about you. But in college, nobody knows anything about you, nobody really cares about the drama anymore, and you can finally be the exact person you want to be without fearing people having their judgments of you already.

I seriously love college. =)


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  1. yeah!!! college is so fun! wtheck, nutella pizza? that sounds so good! I want to see the botanical gardens … you can show me when i come visit!you sound like you’re having so much fun at school – i’m really happy for you 🙂 *sniff sniff* reminds me of my own college days. i hope you find a good church and fellowship too! i think my church/fellowship friends are what i loved most about college 🙂 bye sis!

  2. I’m so happy For you celeste :] I am also enjoying college, but I have not been having the same positive perspective as I had when I came in. I have been struggling a little bit here and there In general, So lately I have been a little harsh and negative on myself. Especially having mildly smart suitemates, they seem to be able to just get it. anyways haha glad you’re having such a great time! I ‘ve never been to UCR but now that you mention it, I defintely want to check it out sometime. Hope life is still as Awesome as you’ve described it! 😀

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