Currently listening to Ingrid Michaelson and remembering why I fell in love with her music in the first place. She has the most pure, heavenly voice ever – the definition of what real music should be. No need for autotune or crazy beats to cover up a mediocre voice. Her voice alone is beautiful. So much better than anything they play on the radio nowadays.

Lately, I’ve been so tired of the music they play on the radio. Majority of them are just meaningless lyrics that someone threw together and added a bunch of beats and cool sounding tech-y stuff. I mean honestly, there are so many talented artists that aren’t necessarily mainstream that seriously do not get enough credit. I really love artists who can simply have their voice alone and still sound amazing. I miss the raw music of the 90’s that they used to play on the radio, when people kept it simple, with a few acoustic guitars and drums – no stupid lyrics objectifying women or about partying all day. Because honestly, is that what people value nowadays? If that’s the case, then I’m embarrassed by my generation and what society now considers important.

And I’m not saying catchy, up beat music is necessarily bad. But honestly, so many artists out there (Youtube, non-mainstream) have so much more talent than people on the radio. Please don’t take this as an “I’m hating on all artists that have their music played on the radio.” Because that’s not how it is. I just wish people would appreciate people for their talent instead of listening to something simply because it’s upbeat and catchy.