I swear, my mom is the cutest person ever.

She’s a short asian woman with your typical shoulder-length asian mom haircut, topping it off with thick, circular glasses. She has the geekiest smile, and the lamest dance moves. You can catch her singing at the top of her lungs, making up random languages and pretending she knows what she’s saying, when all she’s really doing is saying complete nonsense.

And yet, despite her insanely dorky personality, I love her to death. She’ll do anything to make sure her children have everything they need and the best possible education. She works so hard for the family, and I really do admire her so much. She’ll baby me like crazy, always asking if I’ve eaten and making sure I have enough food. She’ll make surprise visit while I’m off at college, or make nonstop trips to my room to feed me home cooked food while I’m home.

I freaking love my mom. I honestly can’t imagine where my life would be without her.

It’s good to be home. =)