God, it is seriously so crazy how much you’ve grown me and taught me so much just in these past three weeks. I feel SO incredibly excited for my new journey with you! It’s insane how you’ve instilled this new desire and passion to want to know you, something I haven’t ever really felt. And of course it was all by the grace of God! My sinful heart naturally wants to desire things of this world or desire things that benefit me, but Lord you are gracious to me and you have planted a seed in my heart.

Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to convict me of so much these past couple weeks, and thank you for surrounding me with encouraging believers who can encourage me with the truth of the Gospel. You are so good God! I am seriously so thankful! I have never felt so much peace or joy in my life. This is such a beautiful feeling, actually desiring you and genuinely wanting to get plugged in at church. All by the grace of God. Thank you for loving me and choosing me, in spite of how awful I am, in spite of how much I fail you, in spite of how selfish I am. Lord, you didn’t give up on me, and I won’t give up on you. I will continue knocking, I will continue striving to know you, I will continue turning to the Word in times of doubt, I will continue to be faithful to you. Lord, would you help me love you, especially in times when it is hard. Lord would I continue to obey your word and obey your commands, and would you show me that you are in control and that you have a plan for me. Continue to work in my heart and mold me to become more like Christ – gentle, loving, humble, and patient.

I pray that you will continue to reveal to me the depths of the gospel and what it’s all about. Convict me of my sins and convict me of how unworthy I am, yet how gracious you are to save me and love me in spite of that. Thank you wanting to have a relationship with me, even when you don’t have to. You are everlasting, you are all-powerful, you are all-knowing, and you don’t need to have a relationship with me. Yet you want to, because you love me. You know me intimately, you know the very hairs on my head, and you know everything I’ve ever thought or ever done and will ever do. Lord, I pray that you will bring the Holy Spirit into my heart and continue to show me the depths of my sin and give me knowledge and understanding to know you more. Instill in me this persistent longing to know you, stir in me a passion for you that will not stop. Help me to overcome my sinful desires, God, for you are all powerful and Your mighty hand can overcome Satan’s schemes. Help me be a light to those around me so that everyone will know that You are working in me, that they will see Christ through me.

I pray that ultimately, in whatever I do, it would ultimately glorify you. And God would you help me to have the right motivation behind my actions, even in times when I feel like I’m loving someone, would it ultimately be for your glory, and not for my own glory or to put myself on a pedestal. I pray that my actions would be genuine, and I pray for grace to allow the Holy Spirit to work in my heart to be able to love as Christ loved – selflessly and humbly. God you are so good! I praise you!