Pride and lessons learned

I just finished my last scheduled interview for a Developmental Interventionist position at Professional Child Development Associates. It didn’t go so well .. they asked me a lot of questions I hadn’t prepared for, and I ended up stumbling over my words a lot. It was a lot different from my other two interviews I had, the first of which was at Starbucks, and the second of which was a group interview. I’m feeling pretty bummed that it didn’t go as well as I would have liked, considering how it seemed like a really solid company that I think would have been a great place to build a network and grow professionally. I keep thinking about how terrible my answers were, how lacking in confidence I must have sounded, how I wish I could have said this instead of that … but I’m trying to keep a positive perspective on it. I’m just thankful that I even got this opportunity to interview for such a great company, and if anything, it was a great eye-opening experience for what kinds of things I can expect in an interview for the future.

I was trying to talk to my mom about the interview and she knew I was pretty bummed about it, and even though I’m sure she was well-intentioned, she kept saying things that I honestly didn’t really want to hear in the moment. Things I could have said instead, what I should have done, how I could have responded – when a person is upset, all they want to do is just relax and not think about those kinds of things. I think it’s a girl thing … when girls are upset, they just want to have someone to listen and vent to, not have people tell them what to do. I know, it doesn’t make sense logically, but I really just wanted to sit there and mope, and have someone there to mope with. My mom would say things like “when you say this it makes you sound like this.” I didn’t want to hear that in the moment. I think it’s just the timing was off – when it’s still fresh in your mind, you don’t want to be told “you should have done this or that.” Yes, there’s a time and place for that, but not when you’re still upset.

That was extremely rambly, but I think that’s something I’ve  been learning about myself. I hope I can use this experience to learn how to better prepare for my next interview. And it’s okay – God is ultimately in control. I’m sure he put this interview in my path for a reason, to prepare myself and kind of take me off of my little pedestal. There was a point where I was getting a little too proud of myself for making it past the interview with the other two companies. This was an eye-opening experience to help me realize that yeah, I don’t know everything and I still have a lot I need to learn.

Also, funny story … I had a group interview as a Behavior Interventionist on Wednesday at a company in Monterey Park called California Psych Care. I got there 15 minutes early and was parked waiting for my interview to start. A car was coming in and trying to park in the spot next to mine and ended up scraping the side of my car … I was in SHOCK, especially because I was sitting there when it happened. When she got out of the car, she said, “I am SO sorry,” and I said “it’s okay, is there a scratch?” She said, “not that I can see…” Obviously there was a scratch. I didn’t really care honestly since the car is so old, but I got down her insurance information anyway just in case. As I was writing it down, I asked, “Are you on your way to work?” She responded, “No, I’m on my way to an interview.” Surprised, I said “the group interview? Me too!” After I finished writing down her information, we both walked into the building together. How INCREDIBLY awkward, no?

Anyway, the interview went fine. We basically kind of did it popcorn style, and it was in no way as intense as today’s interview. They called me later that day inviting me to the training portion. Thank God.

So yeah, lots of things I’ve been learning lately. And definitely learned a thing or two about the consequences of being too prideful. Thanks for that, God haha. You definitely know the best way to humble a person.


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