If I’m completely honest, I still struggle with sharing my faith with my non-believer friends. I fear rejection, I fear judgment, I fear that they won’t want to be friends with me anymore. But do I genuinely care for these people’s souls more than I care about these insignificant desires? Jesus calls me to evangelize to all people through the Great Commission, and He promises to be with me wherever I go. So who am I to fear when I have God by my side? Do I truly believe that God has the ability to save lost souls? I think sometimes I look at a person and think “there’s no way God can save them.” And that’s my unbelief talking. God is the Almighty God. He is powerful enough to perform miracles, to move mountains, to part oceans. He can save the least likely person and bring him to Christ. I need to trust in the God who loves me deeply, and know that He desires for His people to come home.


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